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CED M2 Optical Chronograph
Bullet Velocity Hardware & Software Tester Kit

First introduced in 1999, CED Chronographs set a new standard for optical chronographs. The latest model called the "M2", has expanded memory, "TRUE" USB connectivity and sensors that automatically optimize for the available light. RSI has been selling bullet velocity hardware and software tester kits since it was first introduced. There are other chronograph technologies that employ electromagnetic or sound sensing but both have their limitations. Optical chronographs are still the most versatile and will work with any arm from semi-auto handguns to shotguns or rifles.

NOTE: There is no doubt many people find the new Magnetospeed chronograph useful; especially when shooting at a range with limited access to areas at the front of the bench. The CED M2 optical chronograph is still the best all-around product we have found for measuring muzzle and down range velocities so accurate ballistic coefficients can be calculated. Equipped with the optional IR Lighting option, a CED will also work in pitch dark but with any firearm. There have been reports that the Magnetospeed attached to a barrel will change the bullet's point of impact. Reports comparing readings to optical chronographs with 2ft screen spacing suggests it's circuits may not be fast enough to reliably capture single-digit standard deviation for high velocity small bore calibers.

If you shoot competitive matches where ammo is qualified for power, the CED is the officially sanctioned chronograph. If you are upgrading from an older chronograph and have years of data for your loads, you can adjust the screen spacing so a CED perfectly matches your old data. If trying to compare SAAMI velocities, remember the industry standard is to measure rifle ammo velocity 10 feet from the muzzle.

Special Deal

Buy a CED Chron with our Shooting Lab Software and save $20!

The new CED M2 circuits were completely redesigned to take advantage of latest technologies.

A 1.75" high LCD display shows all relative information at a single glance. For those with software capable of calculating B.C.'s, the display can be read through a scope at 100+ Yards!

No more toggling a single line display or saving adding machine tape. The none-volatile memory stores up to 1,000 shots. Recall weeks of shot strings and summary information with a few key strokes.

Free Software downloads shot strings to your PC so it can be stored in spreadsheets or printed on standard paper.

No toggle bolts and conduit. Even the mounting rail folds up for easy storage.

A"True" IR lighting option lets it work in pitch dark....and that's just a start!

The CED Bullet Velocity Tester Kit Includes - chron CPU, dual lens self-adjusting digitally controlled sensors, with 20 ft. shielded cable, skyscreens and 2 ft. mounting bracket!

  • Folding Mounting Bracket - 2 ft. bracket folds in half for compact storage
  • Wide Screens - larger sensing area than most is possible due to "Dual Lens" sensor technology
  • Advanced Error Warning - so you can detect problems early
  • Easy assembly - sensors slip on ends of a square mounting bracket, held by adjustable tension plate, no screws or bolts
  • Faster With Minimal Lag Time - The official IPSC match chron, will keep up with any race gunner, even full auto weapons
  • Voice Chip Technology - one and 1/2 seconds after each shot a voice tells you the velocity!
  • Permanent Memory - stores 1,000 shots (500 per string). Review and edit strings within the chronograph. No small pieces of paper!
  • USB Connectivity & Software - shoot all day then dump data to a PC USB port for further analysis
  • Auto-Shut Down Mode - to save battery life without affecting data in memory
  • Improved Sensor Design - the only digitally controlled sensors that self adjust for varied lighting conditions
  • All The Functions You Need - high, low and average velocity; extreme spread, standard deviation, edit and omit functions, 10X mode records velocity in decimeters, meters or feet;...even IPSC Power Factor calculations. Need to crunch some numbers? Do it right on the chronograph keypad.
  • Full Warrantee - CED warrantees their products against manufacturing defects for two years. If something fails to work, they will replace it.
  • A "True" Infrared (IR) Lighting Option ($89) - will work under any condition, even indoors or in complete darkness. No other chronograph has this option and it is far more useful when if there is not enough light. Don't be fooled by tinted tops and single emitter double-pass systems that claim to be Infrared.

Connectivity for PC's

Use the included bullet velocity software to download velocities directly to your personal computer with the included USB cable and free CED USB Data Collector Utility.

Simply plug the M2 Chronograph directly into a USB port, click a software button and in a few seconds the velocities stored in the M2's memory are downloaded so you can save, print or export the information.

Strings can be dragged into other software that supports drag and drop text or exported for use in spreadsheets and text documents.

CEDM Data Collector

M2 Accessories

A full range of accessories and replacement parts and accessories are available for the CED M2. The most significant accessory, not available for any other Chronograph, is a "true" Infrared emitting lighting kit option.

The Infrared Lighting Upgrade allows CED chronographs to work indoors or even in total darkness.
Never worry again if there will be enough light where you shoot. If you run into problems, this option can be added at any time and is a good reason to buy the CED M2 over other brands!

Only CED offers a "True" solid state IR lighting array at an affordable price. Don't be fooled by colored light filters, sensors with two LED's that reflect off the underside of the tops or refrigerator light bulbs in tin boxes.

CED's IR Upgrade includes 4 support legs, 2 tops with LED's and 16 IR diodes each, a "Y" cable and an AC to DC power converter. The IR tops look nearly the same as standard skyscreens. Two of the four side supports have wire leads, contacts and power jacks molded into the plastic. Wires do not hang down inside the screens live area so they can be hit with a bullet! An NiMH battery pack with 8 hour rating and charger is available for total portability.

If you would like to measure velocities indoors or set up in summer shade where 110 power is not available, an M2 is the chronograph for you.
With the optional NiMH battery you will not need access to a power outlet! And unlike "visible" light systems, the IR emitted from the new CED IR option is not visible to the human eye so it will not alter your site picture when shooting indoors.

Ever use a 40 watt trouble light in your garage? Then you know incandescent light bulbs cannot take much abuse and always seem to "pop" at the most inopportune time. Image what will happen from the constant hammer of a big bore round through the chronograph screens. The solid state design of the CED IR Lighting option means it can take use/abuse in the field without ever needing replacement bulbs.

Notes On Tripods: Any camera tripod will work with the M2, however; we have noticed inexpensive tripods with plastic heads tend to wobble and contribute to errors. We strongly recommend using a quality tripod with a metal head, an elevation crank and quick detachable camera block. A good tripod should be available at most camera shops for about $75. You may even find a good used professional tripod for as little as $30.

Here are CED's German defense lab test results for the original Millennium model:

Results: All calibers measured by the CED bullet velocity hardware and software test kit were within 0.2% (99.8%) of lab radar recordings, from 0.327% for 223 Rem to 0.081 for 45ACP. Results were better than all other chronographs. (The venerated Oehler tested 0.3% behind the CED.) The new IR emitters will virtually eliminate any variation caused by differences in natural lighting. If you need a chronograph that will approach the accuracy of commercial radar lab equipment, but do not want to spend $ BIG BUCKS $, try a CED chronograph.

Order the CED M2 and Accessories

Earn discounts by ordering more than one RSI product.

If you still have questions check our CED Chronograph support page

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