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Note: Our stand alone Shooting Lab software does not estimate pressures or velocity. There are simply too many variables introduced by each individual round and firearm. Shot to shot consistency is the key to accuracy and variations in pressure, the resulting velocity and barrel timing always produces a "less then optimal" load. Theoretical "guesstimates" cannot predict these shot to shot variations and are therefore at best a poor substitute for proper instrumentation. RSI offers hardware and software tools to measure actual pressure, velocity and barrel timing for each shot so you can reach optimal load performance.

Load Density - There is finally a way to select the best powders and bullets to test when working up new loads. If accuracy is your goal then the Shooting Lab's load density analysis will be extremely useful. This segment will pay for the cost of the program by helping to avoid wasted investment in powders that are not suited for the calibers you load. Most calibers and powders are already loaded into the program and accessible via pop-up menus. You can add customized data for new powders or your own wildcat rounds. For more information about the internal ballistic load density theory see the last chapter in the Shooting Lab User Guide (downloadable from this site).

Load Density Screen

Shooting Lab's burn rate table and powder information coupled with our PressureTrace device will help you diagnose why a particular powder will not work or why a particular combination of components works best. See more information about our PressureTrace device.

Load Density Plot

Gyroscopic Stability - Shooting Lab estimates the gyroscopic stability of bullets. Just as a toy top will stabilize in an upright position when the string is pulled, a bullet fired with enough velocity and spin at the muzzle will dampen yaw (bullet pointing away from the line of bore) to stabilize the bullet as it travels down range. Shooters attempting to mitigate the effects of wind with heavier bullets are often disappointed when accuracy declines. This may occur because the rate of twist or velocity is insufficient to stabilize the longer bullet. Unlike the old Greenhill formula used in most software, Shooting Lab provides shooters with the ability to correlate muzzle velocity to twist rate and a quantified stability factor at differing velocities.

This sample output shows that a 210 gr. 30 caliber VLD bullet barely stabilizes over 2500 fps with 10 inch twist barrel. Changing the parameters to that of an older 12 inch twist barrel would show the same bullet cannot be stabilized.

Gyroscopic Stability

Gyro Plot


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