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Large Shooting Projects (require specialized equipment or more time for completion.)

Portable Swivel Top, Adjustable Elev. Varmint Shooting Bench

I tried scores of bench designs over the years. This one turned out the best for field varmint shooting. It breaks down, is rock sold and has features that are ideal for busting prairie dogs. The bench is similar in design to a commercial product selling for more than $500 but is more stable and offers features not available on commercial products.

Shooting Bench 1

The bench is constructed of steel available at any good supply yard, a chunk of threaded 2 inch conduit, an old countertop sink cutout, a pipe coupling (cut in half), some screws, nuts and bolts, etc.

You will need a welder, drill and some grinding equipment to build a similar bench.

The top is mounted on a bar stool swivel so you can pan across terrain. The rear leg is a light weight screw jack for adjusting elevation. This feature is great when prairie doggin'. Just reach down and crank the whole table up or down. No messing with the front rest when panning around hilly terrain.

The legs fold out at an adjustable angle and also extend outward for uneven ground.

For transport between field locations simply slide it onto a receiver hitch extension, kick the legs up and take off.

Shooting Bench 2

Note the knob holding the rear leg and elevation jack. This is handy for quick adjustment of elevation and facilitates removal of the jack

.Shooting Bench 3

Shooting Bench folded
This picture shows everything broken down to the smallest components. Everything fits into a large duffle bag.
Shooting Bench Leg

This picture shows the leg "knee" with leg extended. A nut and cap screw inside the top of the square leg adjusts the leg angle. An "I" bolt pushes against a tension plate to secure the leg when it is extended.

The following pictures show the frame and top. Again note the frame locking knobs. The top is mounted to a bar stool swivel

Shooting Bench Frame
Shooting Bench Top

Rock Solid Folding Shooting Bench

I tried several shooting bench designs but was always disappointed in the results. Most barely provided enough room for sand bags, a rifle and one elbow. The following design is rock solid, has plenty of room for a days shooting and some interesting features.

Big Bench

It is fabricated from a hollow-core door and covered with carpet. The box-core construction of a hollow-core door is rigid yet light weight and provides a large enough bench surface for guns, instruments, ammo, or cleaning equipment... and can still fold flat! I also included a drink holder and brass catcher which stores in a recessed area in the top when the bench is folded for storage or transport. When not used for shooting the bench makes an ideal work surface for smithing and other projects. I once took a nap on this bench after a hard day's shooting so I know the tubular legs (fabricated from conduit) will hold at least 200 pounds.

Big Bench Compartment

To download detailed plans for this bench, click here.

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