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CED M2 Optical Chronograph

Our PressureTrace II hardware works equally well with any good chronograph. Allot has been going on in the world of chronographs. When CED introduced their first chronograph in 1999, only optical chronographs were available and available products had not changed much for decades. Chronographsographs set a new standard for personal optical chronographs with the fastest circuits, numerous improvements to the old technology and a true IR array option so it would work in pitch dark. The latest model called the "M2", had expanded memory, "TRUE" USB connectivity and sensors that automatically optimize for the available light. RSI was one of the first two companies to sell CED products in North America. It has since become the official SAS, IPSC, IDPA tournament chronograph and is generally considered the best "optical" chronograph value. There are now enough options available to baffle even the technically savvy.

Our Honest Review of Newer Chronograph Technology

It is our opinion the CED M2 chronograph will continue to be a great general -use value for most shooters. It is accurate, will work with any firearm and because there is nothing hanging on the barrel, does not change the point of impact. It's large display can be used to get down range velocities and when equipped with the optional IR Lighting option, a CED will work in pitch dark. The bottom line is if you need a good chronograph for use with handguns, rifles (including round ball muzzle loaders), shotguns, airguns or archery and cannot justify $600 for a doppler system, you will not go wrong with the CED M2.

We also use the new Labradar. With the options now available, and the limitations of each technology, the determination of what to use is often determined by where/what someone shoots and your local range rules.


The CED M2 circuits are perhaps the fastest of all optical systems (48 MHz) with a dual clock chip set. A faster clock speed and two foot sensor spacing produces the greatest precision.

Sensors include circuitry that adjusts sensitivity for available light to extend usability in poor outdoor lighting without an artificial light source.

A 1.75" high LCD display shows all relative information at a single glance. The display can be read through a scope at 100+ Yards so you can collect a muzzle average, move it down range and use the two average velocities in our RSI Shooting Lab to calculate a perfect B.C. for your bullet; "the way it shoots from your rifle".

No more toggling a single line display or saving adding machine tape. The none-volatile memory stores up to 1,000 shots. Recall weeks of shot strings and summary information with a few key strokes.

Free Software downloads shot strings to your PC so it can be stored in spreadsheets or printed on standard paper.

The optional CED Solid State Infrared lighting kit makes it work in pitch dark. When equipped with their Nimh "no memory" battery pack, access to 110v power is not required.

Instant access to stored data and summary calculations via the keyboard. No toggling through strings and numbers.


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