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Some of Our Favorite Firearm Links | Our Longer List of Firearm Related Links

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This Page Contains Some Of Our Favorite Links and will help you find other firearm sites and information.

link markAmerican Gun Company LLC & McGowen Precision Barrels LLC
An old respected barrel maker under new management working on new rifle actions. Worth watching!
link markChris Long's Web Site
From the fellow who discovered optimum barrel timing. Lots of great stuff!
link markFr. Frog's Home Page
Creative and fun site with a good overview of ballistics, glossary of terms and all sorts of stuff!
link markTom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio Show
Tom Gresham's site on the web. Lots of good info., and if his excellent radio show isn't carried in your area, hear it live off the net thru your computer!
link markGun
One of the busiest gun auction web sites. Buy and sell all sorts of items, links to other sites, etc.
link markAn Accurate Gun Control Study
A study conducted by faculty at the University of Chicago that should shake up Handgun Control, Inc. more than Gary Kleck's book. It concludes states that pass concealed carry laws reduce violent crime without increasing accidental firearm deaths! If you need facts with which to confront anti-handgunners, visit this site and download this latest study.
link markGunHoo: Gun Pages Central
A site that you should definitely bookmark. 100's of firearm related pages, nicely organized by categories or region with its own search engine. GunHoo's been growing so fast, it may quickly be the premier source of Gun related stuff on the Internet.
link markGuns America - The Honor System Gun Classified
Thousands of firearms for sale by private individuals and adds for firearms wanted. Searchable database;...even search to find a transfer dealer!
link markHunter's Net - A True Hunter's Paradise
Perhaps the most complete hunting site on the internet and certainly one of our favorites. This site is a MUST BOOKMARK location. Also check there other sites., &
link markInternational Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC)
Information on the organization, competitions, etc.
link markM.D. Smith Reload Page
If you reload, you must visit Smith's site! Lots of information about reloading, powders, favorite rifle and handgun loads and more.
link markThe National Rifle Association
This site maintains information on the latest state and national legislation.

Public Forums will help you find other knowledgeable individuals on the internet who can provide advice and answer hard questions. Some of the threads are extremely interesting on on the cutting edge. Here are two great forums selected for depth of content and the great minds who participate. You will find all sorts of discussions that cannot be found elsewhere. Like all public forums there are some crack pots so always carefully weigh the information that is provided.

link markAccurate Reloading Forums
Some great accuracy reloading forums with participation by employees of leading companies, writers and competitive shooters.
link mark24 Hour Campfire
Another great public forum with regular participation by Ken Howell and others who really know their stuff.

link mark More Firearm Links...

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