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link markRSI - Shooting Lab Demo - (XP SP2, Vista SP1 & Win 7/8 Compatible) This file will work as a limited demo on any Pentium class Windows system running XP SP2 or newer for 30 days. Some supporting files are not included to reduce the size of the download and it is print and save disabled.

link markShooting Lab Docs - This is documentation for the RSI Shooting Lab as an Acrobat Reader pdf file. You must have Acrobat Reader 5.0 or newer and a utility such as Winzip to decompress the file.

link markCED M2 (USB) Data Collector v. 3.6.1
- (Released 8/18/09) Download utility for the USB M2 model and XP-SP3 through Vista and Windows 7 (not Win98 or ME). This file is required to download data directly into the RSI Shooting Lab. Shooting Lab owners should upgrade to version 4 to use this file. Version 3.6 includes both the traditional "N-1" and "N" methods for calculating S.D.

link markCED Millennium Data Collector v. 2.5 - (Released 10/12/06) Download utility for the older serial Millennium model.

Wireless PressureTrace II Files

link markPressureTrace II Wireless Software v. 5.0 Build 5 - (Released 3/30/09 - Revised Installer 11/18/09) This is the same software released for the wireless PressureTrace II systems on 3/30/09 but with a new installer to improve Windows 7 compatibility.

link markPressureTrace II Manual - (6/2/21) Updated documentation for the PressureTrace II system. To upgrade your docs simply download this file and place it in your "Documents/PressureTrace Files" folder.folder.

link markPressureTrace II Bluetooth Connectivity - (6/2/21) How to connect PressureTrace II to a PC via Bluetooth. Includes examples of 3rd party drivers used with old versions of Windows.

Older USB or Serial Models PressureTrace Files

link markPressureTrace USB or Serial Software v. 4.50 for Windows XP and Vista - (Released 1/20/08) This is the last software release for old serial and USB PressureTrace systems. It will work for Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows through Vista.

link markUSB or Serial PressureTrace Docs - Current PressureTrace documentation and help as an Acrobat Reader file. It is the same as included in the above file but can be printed via Acrobat Reader.

link markUSB 64 Bit Drivers - These drivers will work on 64 bit XP and Vista systems and all 32 bit versions of Windows. Unzip the file. Plug the PT module into a USB port and when the hardware wizard runs, point it to this driver folder and allow the drivers to load. The wizard should run twice to install one driver set under "Ports" in the device manager and another under "Universal Serial Bus Controllers". Windows may assign a new com port to PressureTrace. Check the PT Settings.INI file located in the Documents/PressureTrace Files folder (double click will open it in Notepad) to confirm it is the same com port assigned in the device manager.

Notes RE Windows 7: The USB chipset used in PT USB is no longer supported by the manufacturer so signed drivers are not available for the 64 bit version of Windows 7. Windows 7 64 bit does not allow installation of unsigned drivers. This leaves us unable to publish drivers that will work with Windows 7 64 bit.

PressureTrace software versions older then 4.5 were not Vista or Windows 7 compliant. Before you launch any old release on Vista, it is highly recommended you uninstall the PressureTrace software and upgrade to the 4.50 version.

Shooting Lab Updates
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link markShooting Lab 4.9.0 Upgrade (released 4/11/19 - 24.1 mb) - Upgrades installed Shooting Lab software version 4.0 or newer to the current 4.9.0 release.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Installed versions of Shooting Lab older than 4.0 (predate Vista) are no longer supported with downloadable upgrades.
Too much has changed in Windows and the old installations should be replaced with a clean install from a current CD.*
Replacement/Upgrade CD's are available for $20 to registered users .

Changes in 4.8.9 to 4.9.0

Primarily a maintenance release.
Corrected issue where English/metric conversions did not work in dialogs.
Fixed numerous text display issues caused by ever changing font metrics in Windows.
Removed CED/Chrony RS-232 serial support from Chron Analysis window (now use the old CED Data Collector or Chrony software, then cut and paste).
Added new Plugin for atmospheric calculations.

Changes in 4.8.1 to 4.8.8

Added Contextual "Right Click" editing functionality for all text fields program wide.
"Elevation:" title now properly displays in Ext. Bal. parameters at different display text scaling.
Corrected a problem where opening saved Gyro files would not properly populate the Ogive data.
Enhancements to Labradar support. Files saved in the Chronograph Files folder from S.D. disk can now be more easily opened.
Atmospheric conditions menus and dialogs are enhanced to automatically display the Density Altitude.
You can now enter Density Altitude directly into the add/edit conditions menu or elevation field in generation parameters.
The User Guide has been updated with more explanation re atmospheric pressure and conversion of conditions. Corrected issue where Shooting Log entries might not be saved.
Improved Shooting Log updating of loaded round inventory in load record databases.
Corrected a problem where the Drag Basis button in Coef. of Drag analysis could lock up the program.
Corrected a problem where the Interior Ballistics burn rate table would not open and locked the program.
Corrected a problem caused by compiler changes where using the Target Analysis custom hole size would cause the segment to freeze.
Fixed a problem writing files.

Changes in 4.7.9 - 4.8.0

Revised two areas of code that could cause problems on start, conflict with virus software or cause the backdrop to cover the menubar
Improved window interleaving
Corrected plug-in resizing on systems with increased text sizing
Removed UAC manifest and returned to default UAC to avoid annoying prompt on start

Changes in 4.7.8

Added support for Magnetospeed and Labradar chronographs
Labradar support includes ability to calculate B.C.'s from captured doppler data
Returned to full drag tables for better transonic and long range trajectories and B.C.'s from 100 yd data
Retained abbreviated tables as separate menu for comparison
Corrected an error the bullet menu within Coef. of drag where ogive would not properly save
Corrected potential target analysis printing error that prevent proper sized output
Compiled with a new compiler
Several small cosmetic fixes

Changes in 4.7.7

Fixed an issue with the calendar window not opening from "Date" menus
Corrected an error in the Ext. Bal. Maximum Range menu that failed to open a progress window
Several small cosmetic fixes

Changes in 4.7.5 - 4.7.6

Added a few calibers
Revised the Target Analysis system to resize holes for different system scale settings
Corrected an error where the Target Analysis date calendar would not open
Several small cosmetic fixes
Significant revisions of code throughout the program for Windows 10
Stable support for text scaling in Windows
Improved appearance at different text scale settings
All new Clear Type fonts and full support for text scaling
Fixed reported bugs to bullet and click menus

Changes in 4.7.0 - 4.7.4

There were major revision with exensive code modification and new features in these releases
Improved window opening locations.
Added "Zeroed" checkbox option to windage column of Ext. Bal. output.
Added checkbox to include windage adjustment with lead on moving target
Revised error correction routines once again to improve speed
All bullet specs used anywhere in the program now can be saved in the bullet menu
Expanded both Gyro Stability and Coef. of Drag analysis to incorporate ogive data
Intercept errors produced by .drg files where specified muzzle velocity exceeds the drg file content
Improved Max Range calculations and eliminated errors when wind direction set to 12 O'clock
Revised the documentation
Added Air Gun pellet G1 table

Changes from 4.6. to 4.6.9

Added the ability to use .drg Doppler Radar range files from Lapua or other sources
Gyroscopic Drift added to Exterior Ballistics with Miller S.G. estimate
Coriolis added to Exterior Ballistics
Improved Gyroscopic Stability Analysis for use with Gyro Drift in Exterior Ballistics
Improved Coefficient of Drag Analysis with Litz G7 Estimator
Coef. of Drag can be exported as .drg data for use in Shooting Lab or other apps
Revised entry error checking and formatting
All standard drag models changed from SAAMI to NATO for better match to DOD reports
Compiled using new release of development tools to improve performance and correct compiler errors
Added autofill code to Ext Bal barometric pressure field to avoid errors when left blank
Changed how second cart diagram viewing window opens
Added ability to add Adobe pdf files to the Blank Targets folder, then print and view from the "Print Blank Targets" window
Revised Target Analysis background image scaling so pictures can be used that are skewed slightly
Added customized print output to Ext. Bal.
Added Maximum Range Calculations to Ext. Bal.
Added new powders to Int. Bal. and a new multi-dimensional burn list
Added new calibers to Cartridge Info.
Added ability to open two Cartridge Info. windows at the same time
Added ability to customize Cartridge Info. data and add wildcats to user files
Added Litz G7 B.C. table
Enhanced the Mil calculation Plug-in
Improved report printing and printed output text formatting
Added development hooks for future features...more to come

*Important Notes About Vista or Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11
Shooting Lab versions older then 4.0 were not compliant with modern versions of the Windows operating system (Vista or newer) and will not run correctly with User Account Controls enabled. If you are moving to a new Windows system from Windows XP and only have a Shooting Lab 3.6 cd, we recommend getting the current release on CD. For the last update to 3.6.9, click here.

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link mark RSI Technical Articles -
Edited from the RSI - Shooting Lab docs

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