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CED M2 Chronograph & Accessories

This is the velocity measurement portion of the complete RSI Shooting Lab system. A PC is not required to use this product. The IR lighting option is required for indoor use.

Detailed Product Information

CED Chron & Accessories

Product Code Product Name (In Stock Unless Otherwise Indicated) Item Price  Availability Notes   
CEDM CED M2 Chronograph With Skyscreens $199.00 Sold Out
CEDIR CED Infrared Lighting Option $89.00 Low Stock
CEDIRBAT CED InfraRed Option NiMh Battery & Charger $48.00 In Stock
CEDSENS CED Replacement Sensor $36.95 Sold Out
CEDSKY CED Chronograph Replacement Skyscreens $21.95 Low Stock
CEDCPU CED M2 Replacement CPU $122.00  
CEDTBLE CED Chronograph Table/Flat Surface Mount $22.95 In Stock
CEDBAG CED Chronograph Carry Case $35.95  
CED2FT CED 2 Foot Sensor Rail Replacement $14.95 Low Stock
CEDIRSIDE Infrared Sidearm Replacement Set $14.95 Low Stock
CEDLAB CED M2 Chron & Shooting Lab Software Bundle $278.95 Chron Out
ENTLAB2 The Entire RSI Shooting Lab With Full Instrumentation For Windows $857.95 Chron Out

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