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PressureTrace Internal Ballistics System

This is the interior ballistics portion of the complete RSI Shooting Lab system. It consists of pressure instrumentation and software that runs on a PC. You must have access to a PC (laptop) while using this product.

Note: We have been absorbing increasing strain gage costs for nearly a decade. A recent 15% increase for raw strain gages has forced us to raise the price of our completed assemblies.

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PressureTrace & Accessories

Product Code Product Name (In Stock Unless Otherwise Indicated) Item Price  Availability Notes   
PTIIBT Wireless PressureTrace II System $599.00  
PT3GEN 3 Sealed Strain Gage Assemblies Without Glue $109.00  
PT6GEN 6 Sealed Strain Gage Assemblies With Glue $196.00  
PTGLUE Replacement Strain Gage Glue $5.95  
PTLAB2 PressureTrace II & Shooting Lab Software Bundle $678.95  
ENTLAB2 The Entire RSI Shooting Lab With Full Instrumentation For Windows $857.95 Chron Out
PTCABLE USB PT or Early PTII Replacement Strain Gage Cable (stereo type) $20.00  
PTIIMAN PressureTrace II Printed Manual $14.95  
PTJUMP 3 - Strain Gage Jumper Wires $14.95  
PTLKCABLE PressureTrace II Locking Strain Gage Cable $25.95  

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