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Welcome to RSI's Secure Store

Security: Our server is fully secured with commercially certified encryption. Transactions are processed automatically through a secured link to and the card issuing bank. Sensitive information is never received by RSI, stored on our server, transmitted by email or available to others. Ordering On-line is the fastest and most secure way to buy our products.
Product Availability: Most products at this store are readily available. Products that are occasionally in short supply are noted as "In Stock" with a current inventory listed in the product detail. The order button will be disabled for products that cannot ship immediately. Anticipated date of availability or other information may be indicated.

Shipping: You will be provided with several shipping options during check out. The shipping charges are provided by Federal Express or United States Postal Service (USPS) servers based on the weight of the package. If you require a special shipping method not listed, call 928-634-8028 or email.

Why FedEx and not UPS? RSI's average shipment has a $500 value. Federal Express is competitively priced, often faster and honors their insurance. A signature is normally required for orders over $200. For a pre-arranged delivery time, call 928-634-8028 or email.

Delivery Time: Most orders are processed within 24 hours or 1 business day. All orders placed in the evening before Midnight are processed the following day. The deliver time for the level of service you select will obviously vary and is counted in FULL DAYS from the day an item is shipped.

Returns: Per normal industry guidelines, no returns are allowed on software. Software demos are available to "try before you buy". All hardware items are fully warranted by RSI and/or the manufacturer against damage or defects, for a period of two years or more. See specific product documentation for details.

Taxes: U.S. federal legislation to standardize internet purchase sales taxes has not been finalized. RSI does not collect sales tax from residents of states where we do not maintain a legal "significant business presence". In states where use or sales taxes are applicable; customers are responsible for submitting the appropriate tax to local agencies.

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