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link markLF-Scope Software 2.2 Build 0 - (Released 10/1/06) This is the last software release for LoadForce-250 meters with firmware 3.5 or newer. (Firmware version is displayed when starting the meter.) This release supports the new USBI adapter (foil sticker) with faster baud rates and new drivers. These drivers and software will not work with earlier LoadForce-200 meters.

link markLoadForce 250 Manual - (Released 10/1/06) This manual is for meters with firmware version 3.5 and newer.


Misc. Support Notes:

Windows Vista and Windows 7:
This product was discontinued shortly after Windows XP was introduced. The drivers will not work with 64 bit operating systems but the software may run OK on Vista or Windows 7 32 bit operating systems with User Account Controls disabled.

Recoil Pad Measurement: Recoil pads are designed to work within certain force ranges. Compression of any pad beyond its intended design will produce unrealistically high force readings when air cells inside "bottom out". Recoil pads should only be tested using methods that duplicate firing the arm from the shoulder of a shooter. There are no standard industry protocols for measuring recoil and felt recoil will vary according to the shooter's build. The larger an individual, the less the shooter's torso moves with each shot and the greater is peak force.

The same shooter should do all testing (ideally of average build) or a stand that moves under recoil (such as a Caldwell Lead Sled) can be used. The stand can be weighted to duplicate the forces measured by someone of average build. Removing the rubber pads from a Lead Sled so it slides easier on the bench will help produce more consistent data.

Attempting to test recoil pads by placing the firearm against a fixed object or jig will NOT provide meaningful data.

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