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Index Record ScreenThe Shooting Lab stores detailed load records, prints box labels and much more. Records can be sorted by bullet manufacturer, bullet type, bullet weight, powder, powder weight, primer, case manufacturer, velocity, date, group size and more. To open a record simply click on it in the index.


If you cannot find a load using one of the standard sort options, a secondary sort option allows you to index records by any other stored information;...even text stored in the notes field.

2nd Sort Screen

Each load record can save boresight information. Simply click the "New Entry" button and select a firearm. Enter the requested information, then click on the grid image to mark where the scope's crosshairs fall on the boresight grid.

Borescope Screen

Obviously Shot records must contain different information. This example shows information stored for each shotgun load record. The shot load database does not have the secondary sort option or the ability to store boresight data. Both the brass cartridge and shotgun load segments include a cost calculator.

The shotgun loads include a special menus for general information about pellet size, trajectories, target lead, etc.

Shot Record Screen

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