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General Reloading Tips | Small Projects | Large Projects | Technical Articles | 2nd Amendment

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These Pages contain miscellaneous information, interesting ideas for reloading bench projects and another point for accessing technical articles. Feel free to browse the links. We will be adding more items to these pages as time allows.

General Reloading Tips
(Extend brass life, loading to harmonic nodes for accuracy, etc.)

Small Projects
(Small projects for reloaders that can be completed with common tools.)

Large Projects
(Some projects that require special tools & equipment)

RSI's Technical Articles
(Edited from our Shooting Lab documentation and other sources.)

2nd Amendment
(A collection of speeches, statements and articles on gun rights.)

Customer Support Case Histories
We have been in business for nearly 20 years and after that much time you run into some real characters, both good and bad. Whenever we run into someone with a real bad attitude, we will offer to make the correspondence public. Of course they immediately "dare" us to do so and here we go. This information serves absolutely no purpose other than to make us feel good and perhaps make a few "A" holes think before they type. Several of these are being used for discussions at business schools.

True Chutzpah!
(The Grinch, Crook or just Chutzpah?)

How Rude Can They Be?
(For those who have never run a public web site with email link.)

Life Of An Internet Merchant - or how not to handle a "good" customer
(A classic case history regarding customer expectations and support.)

Life Of A Support Person - or why some people can't get help
(This one was too good not to share.)

When A Customer Is NOT Being Honest
(Or, What the heck is really going on?)

When You Don't Respond To SOMEONE Else's Email
(Or, Must have ESP to keep everyone happy.)

Hot Products You May Not Know About:
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X-ray Your Bullets?

One of the best kept secrets is how those guys manage to shoot under 6 inch groups at 1,000. A product invented by Vern Juenke doesn't actually x-ray your bullets but it seems to. The Internal Concentricity Comparator (I.C.C.) detects concentricity problems caused by jacket irregularities. One past International Heavy Rifle Champion says it is the secret to shooting under 6 inch groups at 1000 yards. If you do everything else correctly, and still can't tighten your on target groups, it may be your bullets. Weighing bullets can not tell you if a box was made with jackets that are thin on one side and thick on the opposite side. Once a bullet leaves the barrel it will always stabilize on the center of mass. If bullet jacket thickness varies within a box, the bullets will stabilize at a different distance from the muzzle and "wobble" to a different point of impact.

Top competitors with an I.C.C. may use only 25% of a box for serious work. The ratio of good bullets often depends on the number of jacket stamping die sets in a production line and when they are replaced due to wear. Some of the best bullets for long range shooting are produced on small lines with a single jacket stamping die set so if there is variation in a box, they are similar.

Vern had threatened to retire several times and apparently has finally stopped making them. We thank him for his important contribution to long range shooting. Others are now producing kits or finished meters to keep this important product available. Check or for price and availability.

Juenke ICC
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