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Target IconDigitize & Analyze Your Targets

Entering targets into your computer is as easy as placing your targets on the screen and clicking under each bullet hole. The Shooting Lab will plot the location of each hole and anlyze the target in inches or centimeters and minutes of angle (MOA). It will even calculate how many windage and elevation clicks are required to hit the bullseye! For further custom analysis or plotting you can simply drag the output to a spreadsheet.

Target InputTarget Analysis Target Summary

Scaled Quadrant Analysis

Targets can also be plotted by impact quadrant to help identify potential stringing problems.

Target Quadrants

Export Data To Spreadsheet Files With A Click & Drag Of Ouput!

Target data can be moved from the Shooting Lab to a spreadsheet file so you can develop a custom analysis. The following Excel charts are just a few examples of what can be done. The only limitation is your imagination.


Target Custom Plots
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