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Varmint Hunter Magazine "WAS" published by the Varmint Hunters Association. We hope Varmint Hunter was not the last American shooting magazine offering good technical content, but their demise follows that of Precision Shooting and Precision Rifle a couple years ago, suggesting technical shooting magazines are no longer supported by the shooting community.

Denton Bramwell was a regular contributor to Varmint Hunter Magazine. His continuing series of articles in Varmint Hunter about load pressure issues are some of the best we have seen. Mr. Bramwell is a physicist and statistician with a background in measurement instrumentation. His conclusions are always supported with good data and proper analysis. When not shooting to gather data for another Varmint Hunter article, Denton is consulting with design engineers.

The following copyrighted articles articles were provided with the permission of Varmint Hunter Magazine and Denton Bramwell for your personal use only.

Pressure Factors: How Temperature, Powder and Primer Affect Pressure (Acrobat pdf file)
A great example of how anyone can scientifically test loading components.

Correlating CUP and PSI (Acrobat pdf file)
The best thing we have seen recently on this issue. Proof positive of the relationship.

Reloader Heaven: Instrument Your Rifle, and Toss the Reloading Books. Well Almost. (Acrobat pdf file)
Mr. Wizard's review of PressureTrace and comments on strain gage technology applied to chamber pressure measurement.

PRE, CHE, RIP (Acrobat pdf file)
For those who still think case head expansion is an indicator of this and RIP.

The Perverse Nature of Standard Deviation (Acrobat pdf file)
If your chronograph shows S.D. for just a few shots, and you use the data, read this. This also explains why we include a 95% probability factor in our software.


These Shooting & Reloading Articles were taken from RSI's Shooting Lab software documentation or other sources and are provided for your personal use. To ensure only the most recent information is published, please request written permission from RSI or the author before publication. The files will open in a new browser window. Use your browser's "File" menu to save or print the article.

Our Labradar Doppler Chrongograph Review (Part One)
Our attempt at answering questions about the new Labradar.

Barrel harmonics and Pressures
Why a rifle seems to prefer certain velocity ranges.

Ballistic Coefficient's & Software Tech. Article
A little history and exterior ballistics theory and why you should calculate your own B.C.'s to get the most from software.

Load Density & Accuracy Tech. Article
Some interior ballistics theory applied to load density & how it can be used to select promising powder charges.

Measuring Targets Tech. Article
Various ways to measure targets and how differing measurement methods can be used.

The Latest On Moly
The truth about moly, how to get started, what to look for in a good moly coating, etc.

Scopes & Boresight Tricks Tech. Article
The proper way to mount scopes and how to get the most from an optical boresight.

Copper Fouling & Shooting In Barrels
How to "shoot-in" barrels so they will not copper foul as bad and are easier to clean.

Sight Cant Tech. Article
Some things you CANT ignore.

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